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Your key to the Internet of Things

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Liberkee unlocks the Internet of Things

With liberkee®, you can conveniently access your digital key ring via your smartphone, share authorizations in seconds via links, and easily combine digital access solutions from different providers. Completely contactless and secure in a single application.

Features and benefits


Networked access solutions allow efficient automated processes and improved control. Easily integrate new digital applications into the existing system landscape.


Your smartphone becomes your keyring; uncluttered and intuitive. The liberkee® app allows you to easily issue and manage authorizations, 24/7 and completely contactless.


Layered protection helps ensure secure digital rights transfer. Authorization is time-bound and if needed, it can be revoked in a matter of seconds.


Liberkee integrates with third-party digital access solutions, allowing you to combine different solutions and operate them in a single system.

Unlocking the future of digital mobility - and beyond

It started with digital keys for mobility providers. The retrofit system for car rental companies, car sharing providers and fleet operators is still the foundation of our digital solutions. With the liberkee® app, however, we now offer a comprehensive platform for almost all applications, including mobility, housing industry, co-working spaces or public administration.

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