Rethink accessibility

With liberkee® you can conveniently manage your digital key ring from different providers via smartphone. Intelligent, contactless and secure!

Trendsetting Technology

Networked access solutions allow efficient automated processes and improved control. Easily integrate new digital applications into the existing system landscape.

User-friendly Operation

Your smartphone becomes your keyring; uncluttered and intuitive. The liberkee® app allows you to easily issue and manage authorizations, 24/7 and completely contactless.

Extensive Safety System

Layered protection helps ensure secure digital rights transfer. Authorization is time-bound and if needed, it can be revoked in a matter of seconds.

Independent Network

Liberkee integrates with third-party digital access solutions, allowing you to combine different solutions and operate them in a single system.

Discover new possibilities: flexible, secure and independent

Emerged from the Huf Group as formerly Huf Secure Mobile, the liberkee® team combines Tier 1 know-how with state-of-the-art technology and high security standards. Integrate user- and employee-centric flexibility into your business strategy with our solution, which enables vendor-independent implementation tailored to your needs. It allows you to cost-effectively deal with the challenges of your business and grow.

We open the door to digital mobility...

The digital key for mobility providers is our foundation of expertise, which we have expanded from the spin-off from the Huf Group. The retrofit system for car rental companies, car sharing and fleet operators is still the core of our digital solutions and is meaningfully supported by our applications.

Get an overview of current telematics data, authorizations and position of your vehicles at any time. The system scales easily with the size of your company.

...and beyond

Digital keys create enormous added value. With liberkee®, you can digitally manage access for operators, employees and tenants. Distribute access authorizations on a person- and time-bound basis. Increase the user experience quickly, securely and easily.

With 3 simple steps to more business success

Open a new chapter in your company's history with us and shape the future of your business process with your individual access solution.

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Schedule A Meeting

Let us inform you comprehensively about all possibilities of realization. We advise you comprehensively on your request, create an inventory analysis and determine the need for your individual solution.

Do The Concept

Wrap up your strategy with us

Together we make a suitable selection from third-party providers as well as system landscapes and define the individual access solution for your company. We are in constant communication with our partners.

Increase Your Business

Optimize Your Processes

Our experts work with you to integrate the system into your business processes, support installation and optimize the secure assignment of access authorizations for your employees and customers in line with your defined requirements.

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