Committed to Digital Solutions

Liberkee GmbH evolved from Huf Secure Mobile GmbH - a subsidiary of the Huf Group - in 2021. The Huf-Group is a world leader in access systems for top auto manufacturers. The team of hardware and software developers specializes in digital access and authorization solutions and uses current technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Ultrawide Band (UWB). With the liberkee® App, the company offers a software platform that integrates third-party solutions and provides a central user interface for various applications.

Interdisciplinary, passionate, agile

We are engineers, programmers and economists. We are innovators and hobbyists. We are as individual as our solutions. We don't just do our job. We believe in the possibilities of a digital future. We are innovators and users. We think in sprints and results, not in processes and hierarchies. We prefer to fail quickly in order to learn and succeed in the market.