Liberkee receives Red Dot Award 2021

The Red Dot Award annually honors concepts that contribute to a better designed tomorrow. A jury evaluates design concepts for innovative creation that pave the way for the future. Together with 3st Kommunikation GmbH has liberkee received one of the coveted awards.

That's why our thanks for the great cooperation go first to the team around Nicole Neubert, Marcel Teine and Thilo Breider. 

Winner in the category Brand & Communication Design

Freedom and key: these two concepts are united in our name. Our technology frees you from the physical constraint that a key brings. Digitization frees us from handover processes, because the digital key can be easily shared with our solution. Just as the arrow in our icon becomes the universal key, your smartphone also becomes the universal key for all authorizations assigned to the user. The advantages of this are clear: keys can no longer be lost and no longer have to be available in multiple copies or passed on to different people.

The key to freedom

Liberkee's mission is to focus on access solutions for people to enable them easily and securely. For this purpose, we have created a phone-as-a-key solution that digitizes keys and provides them on the smartphone - possible for any provider in the automotive, residential & real estate, postal & and delivery industries as well as others.

The freedom of keyless access technology is at the heart of our DNA. The team at 3st Kommunikation GmbH has taken this on board and designed a branding that reflects precisely this:

Liberkee opens the door to digital mobility.

Freedom and security are not contradictory

Our technology allows to restrict the digitized key in its use, individually for each user. In this way, access authorizations can be freely granted to employees. For customers or third-party providers and service providers, it can be limited in time and thus scheduled. 

Vehicles also transmit telemetry data so that, for example, the location of the respective vehicle can be determined at any time in addition to the fill level and distance traveled.

Our system is based on the latest technical security standards. We transmit the digital key based on an asymmetric encryption process. Since the user's smartphone cannot interpret these keys and does not transmit them wireless, the system is absolutely secure against misuse and theft.

Your security thus becomes a building block for your freedom.

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Katharina Zachow

Katharina Zachow

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