Fully Contactless Car Rental and Car Subscription by Liigu

The Liigu app offers the possibility to rent or subscribe to a vehicle in a completely contactless way. Whether a short term rental or a car subscription, you can simply go to a parking lot, get into the car and drive off. This works because of the tight integration of our system – Liberkee makes it possible to open and close car doors via the app on the smartphone.

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Liigu's Mission

The team approached us with the vision of providing their clients with a tailored mobility experience. The whole customer journey has to be seamless, flexible, easy to adjust to the needs of each individual on the go. Liigu offers a transparent, sustainable alternative to owning a car. What brings Liberkee and Liigu together is a strong belief in top-notch technology and making lives easier through digitization.

The highlights of Liigu’s app-based services:

Phone-as-a-key access: all you need is your smartphone
Fully digital process: register in the app and get your documents verified
No rental desk: and go straight to the car and drive off
Support 24/7: get instant help whenever you need it

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Modern Technology Lived

In order to be able to implement all this, both Liigu and Liberkee use the latest technologies. Allowing us to quickly and easily realize a full integration of our phone-as-a-key solution into the Liigu ecosystem.

After initial testing, Liigu decided to roll out their car rental service integrated with Liberkee's solution. Because Liberkee easily fits into different makes and models, Liigu was able to scale quickly across a diverse fleet. Additionally, because the installation of Liberkee’s Car Access Module is quick, the time spent installing was less than other systems on the market.

Liberkee's solution includes not only software know-how,OEM certified hardware developed by German automotive engineers. Each vehicle is equipped with this Car Access Module (CAM), which is simply connected to the OBD port and can be put into operation quickly and easily, meaning the vehicle is ready to rent in a few minutes. Since the hardware only needs to be plugged in, this is a non-invasive installation and therefore does not affect the vehicle warranty or make it more difficult to switch to a new vehicle. This makes the CAM flexible and more sustainable: The CAM can be installed in the next vehicle type and thus provides the possibility to quickly and easily replace the fleet as needed.

From the viewpoint of a great customer experience, the reliability of the software, as well as hardware, are obviously the most crucial aspects of Liberkee. So is the ease of installation. Without much need for training and special skill requirements, basically, anyone is able to make the instalment. Just a few explanations and the instruction manual is needed to be qualified."

– Annemari Muru, CEO of Liigu

Simple Operation through the Entire Process

With the simplicity and ease that this interplay of integration in software and vehicle fleet has enabled, this has created a car rental process that has created a seamless customer journey for both Liigu and the customer. Due to the success of the pilot process, Liigu also decided to roll out their entire contactless solution for their whole fleet by the end of 2021.

Our companies have already celebrated the success with a press release.

In Liigu we are excited to shift the ways we use vehicles. Together with Liberkee, we found solutions to make it convenient and easy for all our users. We believe that advanced technologies are not something superior, but should be available and accessible for everyone. Liigu and Liberkee share the same values, which makes our cooperation smooth and helps us to design the best customer journeys possible. Together we’re achieving great things."

– – Annemari Muru, CEO of Liigu

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Digitization Made Easy

Liigu shows the way: digitizing a car rental these days with the possibilities offered by our technology is no longer witchcraft. The team has recognized the needs of today's customers and has launched a car rental and car subscription concept that addresses those needs.

A smart, simple, and secure car rental with the help of an app on the smartphone making the service accessible and convenient with newly enabled by the ever-present smartphone.

At Liberkee, we see end users demanding more flexibility and individuality in the way they want to live and get around. True, frictionless mobility means being able to request, manage, issue and use access options at any time and from anywhere, in order to live flexibly, individually and sustainably in these fast-moving times. With Liigu as a mobility service provider, we have found a customer who pursues a mission that matches ours and from which a great collaboration has emerged.”, says Annika Saenger-Acevedo, CMO of Liberkee.

Katharina Zachow

Katharina Zachow

Marketing Manager