Comfortable, Contactless, Secure

Manage digital car access easily.

Mobile phones are an indispensable part of our lives, and becoming more important every day. Our digital rights management system helps mobility providers build a tighter connection to their customers, and the vehicles that enable their daily routine. Digital access is the natural next step for the future of mobility.


SixSense offers service providers and their customers a consistently digital user experience

Customers use your mobile app to lock and unlock vehicles. Important information is at their fingertips. You manage access in the cloud, and physical keys are no longer handed over. Access is digital and is handled over the air, hygienically, and securely. Contact-free. Convenient. Efficient.

The SixSense retrofit module can be installed in just a few minutes and without special tools

Our Car Access Module is the powerful heart of the system and when installed in the vehicle, it communicates with your customers’ smartphones granting access while providing insight to your daily operations. Easily implemented APIs and SDK program libraries complete the solution. This hardware and software combination enhances your customer experience and operational efficiency.

SixSense® is compatible to virtually all vehicles

Our Car Access Module is an easy retrofit installation for most modern vehicles. Non-invasive, so no wires to cut, and experienced installers can install in 10-15 minutes. When it’s time to remove the vehicle from the fleet, the module can easily move to the next vehicle. Because the key fob stays intact, your total cost of ownership is lower – no fob replacement costs when it’s time to rotate the fleet.

Compact OBD interface for connecting the CAM to the car

Our Car Access Module connects to the vehicle’s OBD II port for power and data. It reads important information, adds GPS data and sends it over the cellular network to the cloud. Because almost every vehicle that’s been made in the last 25 years has an OBD port, our solution is easy to install, and easy to get accurate operational data to your fleet of vehicles.

Authorizations can be managed, changed, or revoked in the software suite

Our authentication uses a powerful cryptographic rights management system that exchanges encrypted keys between the cloud, your customer’s smartphone and the Car Access Module. Once the encrypted digital key is delivered to the user’s smartphone, users don’t need a permanent internet connection, avoiding coverage issues that can sometimes be problematic in parking garages and remote locations. Because you control access from the cloud, authorizations can be changed, or revoked without having to replace hardware, or physically touching the vehicle.

The retrofit module provides three layers of protection: physical, electronic and digital
Three layers of protection

Security is an essential component of shared mobility. Liberkee offers three layers of protection. Bank level encryption protects the digital key during transmission and use. In addition, the retrofit module cloaks the physical key fob until the digital key is used to unlock the vehicle, preventing unauthorized use. Finally, if an unauthorized user enters the vehicle, and the module detects tampering, it will send an alert and the key fob is destroyed using a patent pending system.