Frequently Asked Questions

Installation, function, operation - vehicle access with Liberkee is so simple.

How do you install our digital authentication and authorization system Liberkee? Which software and hardware components are included? Which vehicle models are compatible? Here we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. For further questions, project-specific details or software integration, our technical customer service will be happy to help you personally. You have questions, we have answers.
Can I install the retrofit module in any vehicle model?

Generally speaking, Liberkee supports all modern vehicle models. Please ask our customer service for the constantly updated list of already supported vehicles. For installation in a specific model, you need to contact our customer service team.

Do I need special knowledge or tools for the installation?

The retrofit module is supplied with easy-to-understand installation instructions. Depending on the vehicle model, you will need standard household tools such as a screwdriver or pliers for installation.

Which booking systems does Liberkee support?

We support a number of booking systems and brokers around the world. For an updated list of supported booking systems, please contact our customer service. If your individual software is not listed, we are happy to partner to develop an integration.

How do I get the retrofit module and software?

To order, please contact your software partner or use the following e-mail address:

How secure is the system against theft or abuse?

Our retrofit module has several mechanical and electrical protection mechanisms that help protect against misuse. For further details please contact us at:

Does the software work on all common operating systems?

Our Software Development Kit (SDK) for using the smartphone as a key is integrated into your application and is compatible with all iOS operating systems from version 8.x as well as Android from version 7.x.

Does the vehicle user's mobile device have to be permanently connected to the Internet?

No, once the digital key has been transferred to the smartphone of the vehicle user(s), the system no longer requires an Internet connection.

What happens if the battery of the mobile device is empty?

To open and close the vehicle, the smartphone must be ready for operation, i.e. the battery must be charged. However, the vehicle's engine can be started or stopped even when the smartphone is switched off. If necessary, the vehicle can also be opened and operated with a second vehicle key.

Are changes made to the electronics of the vehicle?

No changes are made to the vehicle. This is a non-invasive installation via the OBD II port. Our system reads out generally accessible vehicle and transmits it to the cloud along with location data.

How does the vehicle user get his digital keys?

The vehicle key or keys are retrieved by a booking software system from the cloud service of Huf Secure Mobile GmbH and made available to the user in your app as part of the booking confirmation.