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Keyless access: smart, secure and simple

Liberkee is the digital platform for contactless and key-free access.

Whether shared mobility or building management - Liberkee opens doors and enables completely new user experiences. The system includes cryptographic key management, software applications, programming interfaces and retrofit hardware.

Everything from a single source. Quickly integrated. And compatible with almost all locking applications.

liberkee App

Innovative automation concepts simplify everyday life in ever new ways. Standardized interfaces and communication protocols allow solutions from different manufacturers to be combined with each other, creating integrative, flexible and future-proof overall solutions. This is exactly where the liberkee® app comes in.

Our smartphone application is a digital key ring and central user interface in one. Whether private car, rental car, apartment door, or office access - the liberkee® app combines all your digital keys in one intuitive application. So you can easily combine digital access solutions from different manufacturers and control them via a single, user-friendly smartphone app.

But with the liberkee® app, you don't just open or close different accesses. You can also share the digital authorizations for these accesses easily and absolutely securely with relatives, friends or employees. Digital key management via app enables contactless handovers around the clock, person- and time-based access authorizations, and deletion of authorizations in seconds. This gives you full control at all times over who receives which access authorizations.

Individually designed, digital keys make it easier to keep track of your digital key ring and make operation a breeze. The liberkee® app offers you maximum flexibility in the technical implementation of individual access or authorization solutions.

Application Programming Interfaces (API) and Software Development Kits (SDK) allow easy integration into existing software environments as well as the combination of different third party vendors.

liberkee Cloud

With liberkee® Cloud, we offer software that scales to any size, making it easy for you to address digital access systems from virtually any vendor. We believe that you don't have to be tied to one manufacturer when choosing digital access systems. That's why liberkee® Cloud already combines multiple systems from different vendors. And we are continuously working to integrate new digital access systems.

Rely on our decades of experience with car key security. Modern car keys are secure high-tech products. We have transferred the same function to the smartphone and added bank-level security. The liberkee® cloud digital key management is an efficient, user-friendly and secure solution for sharing digital access authorizations with family members, employees, customers or service providers.

We are convinced that modern software should not impose rigid specifications. Our liberkee® key management therefore gives you every freedom. Whether you want to manage locking and access plans in a browser-based front end, prefer to integrate an app into your system landscape, or grant authorizations via common office programs such as Microsoft 365 - our cloud-based key management can be combined with all conceivable system and automation landscapes.

Our digital key management is available to customers worldwide. Service Level Agreements (SLA) and our global customer service ensure reliable support at all times. Security is important to us and so we offer our customers data protection in line with European standards. The basis of our security architecture is our own public key infrastructure (PKI), which is certified to FIPS 140-2. Your digital keys are thus as secure as your access to online banking.


liberkee Car Access Modul

How the liberkee retrofit module works

The retrofit module combines telematics data with contactless operation of the vehicle. It contains all components for communication and data exchange with our backend software and with the vehicle user's smartphone.

We know from experience that vehicles in fleets are replaced in short cycles. The liberkee® retrofit module can be installed quickly and easily in just a few minutes. It can unlock and lock the vehicle, as well as provide the start input for the engine. Unlike comparable systems, the key is not damaged or destroyed during installation and can still be used if the system is removed. We are proud of our patented electrical protection mechanism, which reliably prevents theft and manipulation of the key.

We take digital security seriously. That's why we operate our own KPI that meets the highest standards. Our retrofit module relies on encryption mechanisms that even banks trust. Our system reliably protects against known attack scenarios of classic vehicle keys. We protect security-relevant data so that it cannot be intercepted and transferred to other devices.



liberkee Services

We support you with our know-how to facilitate the development of mobile apps, the networking of physical devices or the management of digital authorizations. Transparency, pragmatism and customer orientation are what set us apart, because long-term and trusting partnerships are particularly important to us.

How our services work

We are specialists in digital key management and Bluetooth communication between end devices. With our passion for digital added value, we are happy to support you with development, consulting and integration services. These services help you to implement individual applications, combine product solutions from different providers and transform digital access into modern user experiences.

Developing new business models or implementing applications is important but complex. We support you with our experience in vehicle telematics and our expertise in digital access so that you can focus on your core business. Our customer service and developers are happy to take your requirements and work with you to find the best solution.

We take a customer-oriented approach to all our projects and always keep an eye on technical framework conditions and budget specifications. Established standards and customized adaptations allow the fast and pragmatic implementation of your individual application. In this way, we jointly create new unique selling points and added value for you.



Rethinking digital access means offering solutions that have not existed before. For us at liberkee®, this means one thing above all: reducing dependence on proprietary product solutions.

To give you the most flexible technical solutions possible, we integrate different hardware and software providers into our liberkee® app via application interface. This allows you to combine different digital access systems individually and according to your requirements, while creating an end-to-end digital user experience.

Our smartphone application is a digital key ring and central user interface in one. Whether private car, rental car, apartment door or office access - the liberkee® app combines all your digital keys in one intuitive application. So you can easily combine digital access solutions from different manufacturers and control them via a single, user-friendly smartphone application.



Whether cloud application, desktop application or mobile app - you can easily integrate our digital key management into your system landscape. For all application areas, we provide corresponding documentation with application examples and instructions. Our integration specialists will be happy to advise you and help you implement your individual access solution.

And this is how it works

For easy integration of our retrofit hardware and digital key management, we offer you Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs). This allows you to quickly and easily integrate digital credentials into your application environment. Our native mobile SDKs ensure you always have reliable encrypted Bluetooth connections, while our cloud APIs provide you with real-time data from your devices.

The authentication, authorization and security of the APIs is based on the industry standards X.509, OAuth 2.0 and HTTPS. Your data is always securely protected from third-party access. At the same time, these standards allow you to use ready-made software building blocks, which makes integration even easier for you.

Two interface technologies are available to you: Asynchronous HTTP Rest, for managing your digital accesses, and GraphQL, for real-time subscriptions to your data. Standard building blocks as well as our proven, freely available documentation support you in completing your individual integration in a short time.


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