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We connect the immobile with the mobile world.

Our solutions for digital access find a wide variety of application areas and can be easily, clearly and individually connected and implemented for your requirements with our liberkee app. Learn more about our application areas here.

Car Rental

Liberkee® is ideal for retrofitting rental vehicles such as cars and vans.

With the easy-to-install hardware, you can make your vehicles fit for key-free access and digital booking processes in just a few simple steps.

Liberkee® supports labor-reduced business models, improves fleet safety, and reduces documentation and predictive maintenance costs.


Car Sharing

Liberkee® is the ideal retrofit solution for making car-sharing vehicles fit for keyless access and digital operation.

Digital keys simplify vehicle pickup and return and enable contactless booking processes around the clock.

The system can be easily integrated into existing booking software via application interfaces and is suitable for stationary and flexible fleets.

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Vehicle Fleets

Easily installed, software integrated and quickly converted:

 Liberkee® turns smartphones into car keys and is ideal for retrofitting corporate fleets.

Key-free access and digital operation simplify handovers, reduce waiting times at reception, and thus improve fleet utilization. The retrofit system can also be integrated into almost all vehicle types within a few minutes.

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Residential Quarters

Digital keys create enormous added value in residential complexes, private homes or rental apartments.

With liberkee®, operators and residents can easily manage central access points such as house and apartment doors digitally and assign authorizations based on persons and time.

Digital keys are easy to use, protected against theft or loss, and allow efficient key management around the clock.


Co-Working Spaces

Universal, handy, easy to manage: digital keys are ideal for use in co-working spaces, shared offices or large offices.

Liberkee® opens doors and accesses for employees simply via app.

Whether it's the main entrance, an individual office, a conference room or an office cupboard, it doesn't matter. Operators can manage access flexibly and assign authorizations to specific persons and times.


Mail & Delivery

Whether mailboxes, lockers or storage areas - liberkee® opens the doors to new and flexible storage solutions.

Digital operation allows easy access around the clock, creates a modern user experience and can be easily combined with other applications.

This allows a single app to create end-to-end solutions for secure access to parcel shipments or personal items.


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