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Easy to install, software-integrated, and quick to convert: liberkee® turns smartphones into car keys and is ideal for retrofitting company fleets. Simplify handovers, reduce waiting times, and improve fleet utilization. The retrofit system can be integrated into almost all vehicle types within minutes.

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A Better Experience

Manage the entire booking process from reservation to documentation within your familiar software environment. Thanks to liberkee®, vehicle keys no longer have to be handed over manually. They are digitally transferred quickly and securely to the end users. This allows you to offer employees a contact-free and fully digital user experience around the clock and without waiting.

Reduce Costs

Reduce handover and documentation costs. Vehicle data such as mileage and fuel level are transmitted from the vehicle telematics to your management software. This saves time and money. With accurate odometer readings, you can better plan preventative maintenance.

Improved Control

Thanks to automated data processing, you can always keep track of your vehicle's location and status. You have full control over the validity of the digital vehicle keys and can issue or revoke authorizations around the clock. Your fleet management software provides all the information you need, making it easier to run your operation.

Improve security

Time-bound, digital access authorizations minimize the risk of theft, misuse or loss. The digital keys are transmitted in encrypted form and expire at the end of the use period. With liberkee®, you can modernize your rental fleet and increase security at the same time.

Reduce Errors

Fully digitized processes eliminate the need for manual handovers and written documentation. All necessary data can be entered and retrieved securely and absolutely transparently in a single user interface. This minimizes errors and improves the utilization of your company fleet.

Create Synergies

The liberkee® retrofit system is ideal for large and small company fleets. Thanks to the liberkee® app, the system can also be expanded to include additional digital authorizations and integrate them into existing access solutions. This creates end-to-end solutions for different applications such as company access or control cabinet access.

Installed in minutes

Our retrofit module includes all components required for installation and safe operation. The module can be installed in virtually all makes and models within a few minutes and retrofitted just as quickly. Original keys remain intact and can continue to be used. Our non-invasive install gives you the flexibility to rotate in new vehicles and rotate out old ones with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Liberkee work and how do I install the system?

The heart of the system is the Liberkee retrofit module. This module carries the original vehicle key and performs all vehicle functions such as open/close and engine start/stop. The retrofit module is connected to the vehicle's OBD II interface and is also supplied with power from there. Using an integrated SIM card, the retrofit module connects to our cloud-based key management software via the local mobile network. Once the reservation process is complete, our server transfers the authorization in encrypted form to the vehicle user's smartphone. The smartphone then authenticates itself when approaching the vehicle and the user can perform the actions authorized for him. At the end of the booked usage time, the vehicle driver can lock the vehicle via smartphone before the digital key (the digital authorization) automatically expires.

How does the vehicle user get their digital keys?

The vehicle key(s) will be retrieved by your booking software from the Liberkee cloud service and provided to the user as part of the booking confirmation in your app.

Which booking systems does Liberkee support?

We support a number of popular booking systems, and can recommend a solution if your booking system can't integrate. For an updated list of supported booking systems, please contact our customer service. If your individual software is not listed, we are happy to create an integration. For this we need the contact details of your provider.

How secure is the system against theft or misuse?

Our retrofit module has several mechanical and electrical patent-pending protection mechanisms that make your vehicle more secure. If you'd like to learn more, please contact us at:

How do I get the retrofit module and software?

For any orders, please contact your software partner or use the following e-mail address:
"Flexible and innovative technology combined with quick and easy installation: liberkee is a brilliant solution for our mobility-as-a-service platform"

Giuseppe Serrau, Sales Manager PLAYMOOVE