Use Case Car Sharing

Contactless and flexible

Liberkee® is the ideal retrofit solution for making car sharing vehicles fit for key-free access and digital operation. Digital keys simplify vehicle pickup and return and enable contactless booking processes around the clock. The system can be easily integrated into existing booking software via application interfaces and is suitable for stationary and flexible fleets.

Our product components

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Your benefits

A Better Experience

Manage the entire booking process from reservation to return documentation within your existing rental management suite, easily and digitally. Customers can skip the line, to receive digital keys and be on their way faster, and easier. Because it's contactless, we can help get you to a 24/7 operation.

Reduce Costs

Reduce operational costs. Vehicle data such as mileage and fuel level can be fed to your rental management suite, saving time and money. This opens up the possibility of more accurate billing, and flexible business models with lower personnel costs and more flexible locations.

Improved Control

Thanks to automated data processing, you can always keep track of the vehicle location and status. You have full control over the validity of the digital vehicle keys and can issue or revoke authorizations around the clock. Your management software provides all the information you need, making it easier to document damage-free rentals.

Improve security

Time-bound, digital access minimizes the risk of theft, misuse or loss. Encrypted digital keys are transmitted to the end user, but expire after the rental period, reducing the risk of loss. With liberkee®, you can modernize your fleet and increase security at the same time.

Reduce Errors

A fully digitized processes eliminates the need for manual handovers and written documentation. All necessary data can be retrieved securely and accurately. This minimizes errors and improves the availability of your vehicle fleet.

Create Synergies

The liberkee® retrofit system is ideal for station-based, flexible or company-owned car sharing models. Thanks to the liberkee® app, the system can also be expanded to include other digital access and integrates into existing systems. This allows you to create end-to-end solutions for different applications such as residential neighborhoods, office access or leisure facilities.

Installed in minutes

Our retrofit module includes all components required for installation and safe operation. The module can be installed in virtually all makes and models within a few minutes and replaced just as quickly. Original keys remain intact and can continue to be used alternatively or in parallel. Since no vehicle components are affected, you can flexibly expand the fleet, replace vehicles or convert the system to different vehicle generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our company specializes in booking software. How do we offer our customers a comprehensive solution for booking and vehicle access?

Integration is easy, and we have experts available to help. The Liberkee digital authorization system includes Application Programming Interfaces (API) and Software Development Kits (SDK) that help you integrate the solution into your own system landscape. As your integration partner, we are happy to provide you with relevant information and marketing materials that explain the advantages of the system to you and your customers.

Which booking systems does Liberkee support?

We support a number of popular booking systems, and can recommend a solution if your booking system can't integrate. For an updated list of supported booking systems, please contact our customer service. If your individual software is not listed, we are happy to create an integration. For this we need the contact details of your provider.

Is Liberkee compatible with telematics services?

Since the Liberkee retrofit module is directly connected to the OBD II interface, the system can also read telematics data such as location, mileage or fuel level and transmit it to the management software for further processing. You may be able to save money and not keep your existing telematics service.

How does the vehicle user get their digital keys?

The vehicle key(s) will be retrieved by your booking software from the Liberkee cloud service and provided to the user as part of the booking confirmation in your app.

How do I get the retrofit module and software?

For any orders, please contact your software partner or use the following e-mail address:
"The cooperation between evemo and liberkee provides our customers such as enterprises, municipalities or residential quarters with completely new business models. With liberkee, fleets can be digitalized very flexibly and in just a few steps. An intuitive app eliminates the need for complicated processes."

Felix Peters, Managing Director evemo