Use Case for Postal Services and Storage Spaces

Deliver Flexibility

Mailboxes, lockers or storage areas - liberkee® opens the doors for new and flexible storage solutions. The digital operation allows easy access around the clock, creates a modern user experience and can be easily combined with other applications. In this way, a single app can be used to create end-to-end solutions for secure access to parcel shipments or personal items.

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Your benefits

Manage Independently

With liberkee®, you manage different storage solutions across manufacturers and completely independently. The system is compatible with various digital locking systems from our partners. The liberkee app works like a universal digital key ring for mailboxes, lockers or storage rooms equipped with different locking systems.

Create Synergies

With liberkee®, you can already manage and operate a wide range of digital keys. Thanks to the liberkee® app, the system can also be expanded to include further digital authorizations and integrated into existing access solutions. In this way, you create end-to-end solutions for different applications such as storage solutions, modern living quarters, or mobility offerings.

Enhance comfort

Intelligently automated storage solutions improve user convenience and make everyday life easier. Mailboxes and lockers available around the clock enable new delivery models allow shared access to personal items such as parcels or personal belongings. Digital keys become a decisive convenience factor thanks to liberkee.

Easy access vial app

Liberkee® supports flexible and modern delivery and storage models in residential neighborhoods, office buildings or public facilities. Digital keys are an enormous relief for users and service providers. Instead of cash, keys, or pin codes, a single app is all that is needed to authenticate and gain access to lockers.

"The cooperation between evemo and liberkee provides our customers such as enterprises, municipalities or residential quarters with completely new business models. With liberkee, fleets can be digitalized very flexibly and in just a few steps. An intuitive app eliminates the need for complicated processes."

Felix Peters, Managing Director evemo