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Smart living comfort

Digital keys create tremendous added value in residential complexes, private homes or rental apartments. With liberkee®, operators and residents can easily manage central access points such as house and apartment doors digitally and assign authorizations on a person by person and time-bound basis. Digital keys are easy to use, protected against theft or loss, and allow efficient key management around the clock.

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Manage Independently

With liberkee®, you manage different building accesses across manufacturers and completely independently. The system is compatible with various digital locking systems from our partners. The liberkee® app works like a universal digital key ring for properties equipped with different access systems.

Improve security

Time-limited, digital access authorizations minimize the risk of theft, misuse or loss. The digital keys are transferred securely and lose their validity immediately after the end of the usage period or through manual revocation. With liberkee®, you can track access authorizations at any time and issue and revoke keys around the clock.

Enhance comfort

Intelligently automated access improves comfort and makes everyday life easier for residents. Being able to grant and revoke access to apartments even in their absence simplifies external services such as maintenance or home care and allows more freedom in scheduling. Thanks to liberkee®, digital keys become a decisive convenience factor.

Reduce Costs

Reduce handover and audit costs. Liberkee® enables secure and efficient key management without manual handovers or additional storage solutions. Digital authorizations can be revoked in seconds, are secure against theft or loss, and do not incur follow-up costs such as master key system replacement.

Create Synergies

With liberkee®, you can already manage and operate a wide range of digital keys. Thanks to the liberkee® app, the system can also be expanded to include additional digital authorizations and integrated into existing access solutions. In this way, you create end-to-end solutions for different neighborhood applications such as car sharing, mail and storage, or leisure facilities.

Smart living comfort

Liberkee® connects the mobile with the immobile world and enables synergetic, digital business models and services. Whether neighborhood-owned car sharing services, storage space for residents or intelligent co-working concepts - liberkee® opens doors to intelligently networked residential neighborhoods and thus contributes to the sustainable development of the smart city.

"The cooperation between evemo and liberkee provides our customers such as enterprises, municipalities or residential quarters with completely new business models. With liberkee, fleets can be digitalized very flexibly and in just a few steps. An intuitive app eliminates the need for complicated processes."

Felix Peters, Managing Director evemo