Liberkee APIs and SDKs

Learn more about liberkee® APIs and SDKs

Whether cloud application, desktop application or mobile app - you can easily integrate our digital key management into your system landscape. For all application areas, we provide corresponding documentation with application examples and instructions. Our integration specialists will be happy to advise you and help you implement your individual access solution.

This is how liberkee APIs and SDKs work

For easy integration of our retrofit hardware and digital key management, we offer you Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs). This allows you to quickly and easily integrate digital credentials into your application environment. Our native mobile SDKs ensure you always have reliable encrypted Bluetooth connections, while our cloud APIs provide you with real-time data from your devices.

The authentication, authorization and security of the APIs is based on the industry standards X.509, OAuth 2.0 and HTTPS. Your data is always securely protected from third-party access. At the same time, these standards allow you to use ready-made software building blocks, which makes integration even easier for you.

Two interface technologies are available to you: Asynchronous HTTP Rest, for managing your digital accesses, and GraphQL, for real-time subscriptions to your data. Standard building blocks as well as our proven, freely available documentation support you in completing your individual integration in a short time.

Technical specifications

API-Entwicklung: So funktioniert kontaktloser Zugang mit liberkee
  • We offer a modern set of APIs to best support your use case, relying on two technologies:
  • (1) Our HTTP-REST interface allows access to your digital keys, securely encrypted by certificate-based access protection
  • (2) Modern and real-time, our telematics endpoint can be easily and efficiently integrated via GraphQL, ideal to be used in your mobile app