Liberkee App

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Innovative automation concepts simplify everyday life in ever new ways. Standardized interfaces and communication protocols allow solutions from different manufacturers to be combined with each other, creating integrative, flexible and future-proof overall solutions. This is precisely where the liberkee® app comes in.

This is how the liberkee app works

Our smartphone application is a digital key ring and central user interface in one. Whether private car, rental car, apartment door or office access - the liberkee® app combines all your digital keys in one intuitive application. So you can easily combine digital access solutions from different manufacturers and control them via a single, user-friendly smartphone application.

But the liberkee® app doesn't just let you open or close different accesses. You can also share the digital authorizations for these accesses easily and absolutely securely with relatives, friends or employees. Digital key management via app enables contactless handovers around the clock, person- and time-based access authorizations, and deletion of authorizations in seconds. This gives you full control at all times over who receives which access authorizations.

Individually designed, digital keys make it easier to keep track of your digital key ring and make operation a breeze. The liberkee® app offers you maximum flexibility in the technical implementation of individual access or authorization solutions.

Application Programming Interfaces (API) and Software Development Kits (SDK) allow easy integration into existing software environments as well as the combination of different third party vendors.

Technical specifications

Liberkee-App: Eine Anwendung für alle digitalen Schlüssel im Internet of Things
  • Supported operating systems: iOS, Android
  • Log-in: via Apple-, Google- or Microsoft account