Liberkee CAM

Learn more about the liberkee® car access module (CAM)

Next generation vehicle telematics and phone-as-a-key - that's what the liberkee® Car Access Module (CAM) allows for. Equipped with future-proof 4G radio standard and Bluetooth Low Energy, the retrofit system guarantees a safe and reliable user experience at all times.

This is how the liberkee retrofit hardware works

The retrofit module is the solution for modernizing your vehicle fleet and make it fit for digital operation. It combines telematics data with contactless operation of the vehicle. The module contains all components for communication and data exchange with our backend software and with the vehicle user's smartphone.

Easy installation: possible in a few minutes. Retrofitting to another vehicle in your fleet: no problem. Safety: uncompromising. We know from experience that fleet vehicles are replaced in short cycles. The liberkee® retrofit module is quick and easy to install. We support you with detailed, vehicle-specific installation instructions so that your employees can carry out the installation or conversion without prior knowledge and outside a workshop.

The retrofit module carries the vehicle-specific drawer into which the physical key of the respective vehicle is inserted. In this way, the retrofit module can perform all the functions that are also carried out via the conventional car key. Unlike comparable systems, the key is not damaged or destroyed during installation and can still be used if the system is removed. We are proud of our patented electrical protection mechanism, which reliably prevents theft and manipulation of the key.

We take digital security seriously. That's why we operate our own PKI that meets the highest standards. Our retrofit module relies on encryption mechanisms that even banks trust. Our system reliably protects against known attack scenarios of classic vehicle keys. We protect safety-relevant data in such a way that it cannot be intercepted and transferred to other devices. It is not the cryptographic keys that are transferred, but only unreadable certification data. The liberkee retrofit system is FIPS 140-2 certified and has its own hardware security modules.

Technical specifications

Phone-as-a-Key zum Nachrüsten: So funktioniert das Liberkee-Nachrüstmodul
  • Size: 128 x 70 x 106 mm; Weight: 390 g
  • Bluetooth standard: 4.2 (classic and BLE)
  • LTE-M1 (4G) with GSM fallback (2G)
  • Connections: 3/5 pole, antenna, OBD II