Liberkee Cloud

Learn more about the liberkee® cloud

With liberkee® cloud, we offer software that scales to any size, making it easy for you to address digital access systems from virtually any vendor. We believe that you don't have to be tied to one manufacturer when choosing digital access systems. That's why liberkee® cloud already combines multiple systems from different vendors. And we are continuously working to integrate new digital access systems.

This is how the cloud-based liberkee key management works

Rely on our decades of experience with car key security. Modern car keys are secure high-tech products. We have transferred the same function to the smartphone and added bank-level security. The liberkee® cloud digital key management is an efficient, user-friendly and secure solution for sharing digital access authorizations with family members, employees, customers or service providers.

We are convinced that modern software should not impose rigid specifications. Our liberkee® key management therefore gives you every freedom. Whether you want to manage locking and access plans in a browser-based front end, prefer to integrate an app into your system landscape, or grant authorizations via common office programs such as Microsoft 365 - our cloud-based key management can be combined with all conceivable system and automation landscapes.

Our digital key management is available to customers worldwide. Service Level Agreements (SLA) and our global customer service ensure reliable support at all times. Security is important to us and so we offer our customers data protection in line with European standards. The basis of our security architecture is our own public key infrastructure (PKI), which is certified to FIPS 140-2. Your digital keys are thus as secure as your access to online banking.

Features and functionalities

Einfach in bestehende Systeme integriert: So funktioniert kontaktloser Zugang mit liberkee
  • Modern real-time APIs, secured according to high security standards,
  • Vendor-independent management of locking plans via web application,
  • Integration with automation and office services such as Zapier, MS 365 and more