Liberkee Integrations

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Rethinking digital access means offering solutions that have not existed before. For us at liberkee®, this means one thing above all: reducing dependence on proprietary product solutions.

This is how the liberkee® integrations work

To give you the most flexible technical solutions possible, we integrate different hardware and software providers into our liberkee® app via application interface. This allows you to combine different digital access systems individually and according to your requirements, while creating an end-to-end digital user experience.

Our smartphone application is a digital key ring and central user interface in one. Whether private car, rental car, apartment door or office access - the liberkee® app combines all your digital keys in one intuitive application. So you can easily combine digital access solutions from different manufacturers and control them via a single, user-friendly smartphone application.

In 2021, we will integrate the following vendors, products, and digital keys into our application environment:

Unsere Integrationen

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  • Hardware Hersteller: KleverKey, KIWI, DIRAK und viele mehr
  • Software für Automatisierung: Zapier, Microsoft Power Automate, Outlook und mehr